Wound & Skin Chelated Silver Foam


12 ounce Wound and Skin Foam

Topical Use Only

Naturally formulated and environmentally safe, Wound and Skin Foam is a powerful microbicide that contains no alcohol, iodine or chlorine.

Kills 99.999986% of bacteria in 60 seconds.

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Chelated Silver Foam

The active ingredient in Wound and Skin Foam is Chelated Silver.  Molecules of silver are chemically bonded to nonmetallic molecules in solution. When used as either an antisepsis or as a cleanser, this patented formulation provides unsurpassed anti-microbial action and persistence (killing power over time). The pure molecules of silver in the Wound and Skin Foam are easily applied and highly amenable to the skin on humans and animals. Wound and Skin Foam prevents breathing and reproduction of disease-causing microorganisms.

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Additional Information
Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 8 in