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All treatments done with Silver Horse Care Products on professional horses are documented and approved by a state certified vet.

Introducing the first Patented Equine Nebulizing System for all horse owners.


Silver Horse Care is committed to helping hardworking horses recover faster, breathe better, and enjoy life!


Silver Horse Care products are for men and women who want to ensure their horses are feeling and performing their best without harmful chemicals and mystery ingredients.

BH Lisa's Boy bled for the first time ever in the trials of the Brad McKinzie Winter Championship. Silver Horse Care was instrumental in preparing him to come back and win the Finals in just 3 weeks. I'm a believer

Bill Hoburg (Owner)

What people are saying about us…

absolutely!!!!...this stuff is awesome!!!! the staff is exceptional... great people and great product... 1 treatment and my horse did a complete 360..no more coughing... I am beyond words.... and amazed with this stuff....will be buying more.....

Rhonda Fairchild

Absolutely love my nebulizer! When my horse got super sick this spring a couple treatments allowed him to effectively cough up all the gunk in his lungs. And right now I am in BC in the middle of the wildfires and smoke and the nebulizer has helped keep my horses comfortable and happy none of them even have a cough! Thank you for the amazing products! Love love love it!

Lainy Procter

Wonderful customer service! I called to talk about an issue with my compressor and not only are they taking care of that, they are going to set up a discount code for those affected by the California fire smoke that want to buy a kit. Amazing!

Stephanie Feisty Davis

I can’t say enough good things about this unit. This unit has literally saved my horses life and her barrel racing career. We don’t leave home with out it!

Angela Marietta

If you are debating on ordering anything from Silver Horse Care, just give Becky a call! She answered all of my questions and then some outside of the nebulizer! She offers her products with pride and is a really great lady with a lot of knowledge and willing tho share!

Samantha Sherman

Just did the first treatment, and already a lot of gunk has discharged from his nose. And he had more energy after!!! Amazing to see results that fast. Great product

Addy Sixel
Breathe Better & Feel Better – We Want What’s Best for You and Your Horse!